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But men’s groups said sheltering alleged victims from questioning in court threatens justice by depriving juries of the right to assess their evidence properly.Miss Truss also promised to bring into action a law to criminalise grooming children.Originally debuting in October 2013, Green Screen has undergone several updates including bug fixes and recently added features that let you crop, scale and rotate source images.Video projects can also now be saved to Dropbox and Google Drive for easy archival.Rape victims will no longer have to face cross-examination in court, the Justice Secretary said yesterday.Instead they will be able to record answers to defence lawyers’ questions in advance, under changes to go before MPs today.Designed and tested to be kid and classroom friendly, Green Screen comes pre-loaded with a tutorial video starring a very enthusiastic grade-school-aged girl.Teens might laugh at this video, but it provides a good introduction to the tools and controls. Depending on the skill-levels of your teens, you may want to skip watching the video, and jump right into playing around with it.

Live is basically you record a video as its happening and post it after you edit the video, or in short streaming except you edit it and post it later.

Playing, on my computer, a pre-recorded video that is kept on a server - is this streaming?

However, there is a difference between live and streaming.

Ok, so Im trying to clearly demonstrate the different ways for playing a video, and Im getting stuck. Playing, on my computer, a live video across the internet (like a webcam) - is this also streaming? Are there any clear distinct terms that help make all of this less confusing?

There doesn't seem to be any clearly defined terms beyond "streaming" and "live streaming", and the definition of these terms seems to vary from person to person, site to site. There is no difference between streaming and live streaming.

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Live stream is actually being broadcast on other medias such as antennas and/or cables and/or satellites and/or ADSL and is exposed to a large audience. After many discussions with colleagues, and much searching online about the subject since I asked the question seven months ago, there are no definitive definitions for what streaming and live streaming is or is not.

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