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Their indifference, verging on hostility, is not surprising.

Most of these children have been working as prostitutes and have encountered Western males in rather different circumstances.

After his release, he was hit by a bus, left paralysed from the waist down, and confined to a wheelchair. What they found on the computer in June 2011 led to a dogged hunt which spanned continents, and delved into the darkest recesses of the internet. Back at the lab, it revealed that Ford had spent his months on bail continuing to view child abuse images and plotting his escape to a new life abroad.

It takes a long time to unravel the secrets of a computer, even one where little obvious attempt has been made to hide what was on it. Documents on the laptop revealed that he was planning to buy land and build an "internet café" in Angeles City in the Philippines, a city described by local authorities as a hotbed for trafficked young women and children."It's like organised crime," said Det Sgt Thayanithy.

They look intently at a battered television screen showing cartoon films, while others play a listless game with their backs turned to the stranger.The drama, called Saigon Baby, could be about the illegitimate baby of one of thechildren at the Bahay Tuluyan.In fact, it is set in Bangkok and Saigon, but the authorities there were not prepared to allow the filming of a story dealing with the twin subjects of child prostitution and baby smuggling.From 2001 to 2006, Murray Gordon Waller was the Executive Director of the Alabama Safety Institute, Inc. This was a court referral program that monitored young men placed on formal probation by the court.During this time, Waller made threats to a probationer who was under his direct supervision.

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