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Such is the case, for example, with automobile insurance.However, liability insurance policies, whatever the type, require closer attention, notably when it comes to occurrence vs. These two variants will be examined in an upcoming article; however, due to their complexity, only claims made insurance policies will be covered in this article.When the time comes to renew a business insurance program, a change of insurer can be confusing for some clients.In certain cases, insurance plans and their wording remain similar from one insurer to the next, which makes comparisons and the resulting decisions easier.As a consequence, we carried out an archaeoastronomical analysis of the original urban plan taking into account the complex natural horizon of the Alps in which Aosta valley is nested.The results show that the town was very likely oriented in such a way as to pinpoint Augustus associations with the cosmic signs of renewal: the winter solstice and the Capricorn.ABSTRACT: Augusta Praetoria Salassorum, modern Aosta, was founded around 25 BC to celebrate the victory of Augustus army on the Salassi.

In senso stretto il nome era quello delle monete auree, ma in generale fu attribuito alla valuta nell'insieme.

I am always initially surprised when I meet someone alternative who has a partner who is conventional in appearance.

I say ‘appearance’ because they can turn out to be as mad as a bag of cats once you get to know them.

Therefore, in our example above, if your retroactive date is April 1, 2012, would not be covered by your policy.

In setting this date, insurers are seeking to protect themselves from two possible situations.

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  1. For one thing, when the devices were broken, lost, or stolen, it wasn't clear whether parents, the schools, or the kids themselves were responsible.

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