Pros and cons of dating in the workplace long island dating

This is no surprise, given that work friends confide in each other often and end up spending most of their time together.

It is in fact this set of friends who help you get by the worst and best of days.

he thing about romance is it can spark anywhere, any time!

You may have made a billion rules for yourself but serendipity cannot be scheduled!

This encourages sneaking around behind the boss’s back and could result in termination if and when the boss finds out.

As a Human Resource Management professional, you are responsible for your company’s HR needs and making sure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

You don't have to pick them up and they're always tax-deductible.” - Andy Warhol Although Andy Warhol’s quote is humorous, it brings up a very serious issue: dating in the workplace. ” comes up in many companies between employees, but a policy should be put in place when the company is started in order to prevent any complications.

Because the two employees work together, they see each other almost daily, providing them with ample time to learn each other’s work ethics, personalities, and even beliefs.

These are characteristics that help determine whether or not a pair matches.

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