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If you are like the majority of students, you were lucky to receive any sex ed, let alone sex ed that taught about contraceptives and HIV/STI prevention and care. You’re in college and/or a young adult, and you’re wondering what it might have been like for you if you had received that education.Now imagine a sexual health curriculum that embraced the possibility of pleasure.acknowledges that many of the harms associated with drug use and sex work are a direct result of the “War on Drugs” and the criminalization of sex work.Unfortunately, our participants are negatively impacted by these unjust policies related to drug use and sex work on a daily basis.Uniting Peers for the Rights of Injectors and Sex Workers Everywhere (UPRISE) takes us back to our activist roots and encourages people who use drugs and engage in sex work to be advocates for their own communities.The peer-to-peer relationship honors the expertise of people who use drugs or engage in sex work that is needed to engage isolated and stigmatized individuals.

The recruited peer educators are trained in relevant health information and communication skills.seeks to educate and actively involve our participants in efforts to change policies to reduce the harms associated with drug use and sex work, and increase access to vital services, while facilitating their empowerment through self-advocacy.participants are given opportunities to speak at rallies, meet with legislators, speak to the media, and march with their peers in the streets.This House Course Training is meant to train passionate peer educators who will volunteer at the Duke University Peer Advocacy for Sexual Health (PASH) center that will pilot in the Fall of 2016 and open permanently in the Student Health building in Spring 2017!Young women and men in Columbus, Cleveland, and Toledo receive extensive training on health, sexuality, advocacy, presentation techniques, and answering difficult questions - strengthening their leadership skills.

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  1. In 2007, a group of orphaned Haitian children identified 134 Sri Lankans who gave them food for sex in a child sex ring that went on for three years, an Associated Press investigation found.