Mandating community service affects the union

Their tone of voice sounds bored and forced, and there is little chance that the student has learned anything they will remember as an adult.

Just like the assignments they're given in class, students may not put their heart into doing community service projects if forced to do so.

Unions are often associated with the "old economy": companies that operate in heavily regulated environments.

Today, a large portion of membership is found in transportation, utilities, and government.

Doing service as a Boy Scout, for example, doesn't rank higher than doing service in any other capacity, more than three-quarters said. When asked to list the three words admissions officers most like to see, the most cited words were "commitment," "passionate" and "dedication." Check out the full report at

- I have always considered myself a very promising student.When asked which activity would be valued most, spending four years helping at a community shelter or spending a month in an impoverished African nation, all of the admissions officers said the four-year local commitment would be more important.* Time spent on an activity is more important than the amount of money raised.Unions are organizations that negotiate with corporations, businesses and other organizations on behalf of union members.There are trade unions, which represent workers who do a particular type of job, and industrial unions, which represent workers in a particular industry.

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