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Bass drum spurs were also among notable changes that Ludwig shell hardware made, marking transitions in design from the 60’s and into the 70’s.

Since the Acrolite generates respect among those who have played them I thought I would give an overview of its “career” for those who may not be familiar with the venerable 404 (5 x 14) which is still readily available.

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This badge was covered by the hoop and normally is not cut on the top. Below is how it appeared in Catalog No.64 (released late 63.) Note smoother finish and the fact that they dropped the aluminum Rims, which didn't hold up well to the tension a Snare's Rims are subjected to.This image is mis-leading since it's transposed, so it shows a mirror image with everything "backwards." The Throw-off Arm, Badge & Baseball Bat Tone Control Lever are actually positioned the same as shown in the previous image.Shells from the early part of the 70’s have clear interiors.Whereas most of the shells after about ’73 received a granitone coated interior.

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But by 1976, their method of construction for drums had changed drastically. Shells now consisted of 6-ply maple/poplar mix without reinforcement rings.

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