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As if it didn't already have enough crap to deal with, our nation's capital has just been named the nation's capital of unsafe right-swipes. They also took into account demographic info from Gallup as well as other stat sources. "As you might suspect, when you don’t discuss sex, STDs happen," the researchers write. Check out the full list of the safest and most dangerous states for online dating below. tops the list of most dangerous states for online dating, according to a new report conducted by the odd pairing of and home security company Safewise. For the report, researchers examined dating-world woes in each state, such as the CDC numbers on STD prevalence as well as rates for cyber crimes and violent crimes as according to the FBI. No surprise there, seeing as Vermont has a low rate of church attendance — and regular church attendance correlates with STD prevalence. Researchers analyzed the FBI’s cybercrime and violent crime rates per capita for each state as well as the CDC’s reported cases of common STDs.Also in the top 10 were New Mexico, Nevada and South Carolina.

The result of all this number-crunching puts Alaska and Louisiana in the top three most dangerous locales, alongside D. But in some states, online dating is legitimately unsafe.and found that Washington, DC, Alaska and Louisiana were the most dangerous states to date online using apps like Tinder and Bumble, according to their recent study. The report also notes a strong correlation between rates of STDs and those of violent crime, and credits Vermont's "robust sex education" for perpetuating safe dating, online and otherwise, throughout the state. This graphic created by Safewise and shows the safest and most dangerous states for online dating.

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That’s according to a new report by Safewise, a home security company, and, which helps consumers make decisions about internet service providers.

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