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that would’ve shook my white light being to the core. I teach about relationships, yet here I am…confounded in this being that now shares my bed. Call it new age rationale or just plain menopausal wisdom: I attracted him because something in me was calling me to awaken to a wiser, deeper definition of love.

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep This temple is definitely a must-see in Chiang Mai. When you arrive, you will see this long Naga Serpent staircase which you have to climb to get to the temple. If you ever got hungry for exerting too much effort, don't worry!

When you're in Chiang Mai, temples would be a major part of your itinerary.

Especially if you're interested about architecture, ancient structures or simply curious about their culture and religion.

The east coast, where my boyfriend was born, is known as “what is…IS…get over it.” Thus, describes the schism between my boyfriend and I.

I should’ve known that when he told a noisy, inconsiderate, new age guy in the hot spring pools, “Hey Dickhead…shut the f**k up”…. I judged myself for attracting such a Cro-Magnon man in my life.

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