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You also mentioned that you’re looking for a speaker option that decreases the overall volume of your amp.

Summary Stevie Ray Vaughan’s musical influence has really hyped the blackface Fender Vibroverb.

Whether it’s a vintage amp or a recent model such as this Fender Pro Reverb, hum can have several causes.

It was designed to generate 26 watts at an 8 ohm impedance load, and offered a cathode-based bias.

with a front panel that had a rectangular grill cloth with rounded corners and looked much like a television of that era.

The format may look like this: 220 637 Here the number 220 designates the speaker as a Jensen, and 637 indicates a production date of the 37th week of 1956 or 1966.

Fender has used only a handful of different speaker types over the years.

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