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Jackie claims in the first message that her flight got in 'a little late' and tells her boyfriend she had just gotten to the hotel and was about to take a shower.

She then sends him a picture of her outfit, made up of a blue skirt and a revealing peach bralette.'Keep going...' the boyfriend writes, clearly excited to watch his girlfriend undress before her shower.

The performances I did and the friendships I formed helped me make my entry into the big screen where I did supporting roles.

However, though I had acted in more than 30 films, it was the character of Pathu in Getting into the skin of Pathu...

I am from the village Narikkuni, Kozhikode, and Pathu and I share the same home town! The character is a collaboration of many of the women I have come across during my life at Narikkuni.

But while casting me for the show, no one knew any of that as I don't normally speak in the slang.

It was, however, taken down on Wednesday following widespread condemnation.

The “warning notice” was issued by ladies hostel warden S Bhuvaneswari on Tuesday.

What was supposed to be some kinky long-distance sexting went haywire when one man realized his girlfriend was cheating on him right before his eyes.

The unnamed man was texting his girlfriend Jackie, who was supposedly on a solo trip in Atlanta, when she began to strip.

The Mysorean invasion of Kerala (1766–1792) was the military invasion of Malabar (northern Kerala), including the territories of the Zamorin of Calicut, by the Muslim de facto ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore Hyder Ali.

After completing the occupation, Kingdom of Cochin, situated south of Malabar, was made a tributary state of Mysore.

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