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Some of these websites, though legal, offer what they call "sound advice," or tutorials, on ways to find a boyfriend or girlfriend, along with detailed guides.These chat room administrators avoid trouble by simply offering guidance, as well as tips on how to be cautious and not allow others (generally men) to take advantage of you.

He is a Sharif University graduate, brilliant and good-looking.

In a phone interview, I ask her how she feels about the criticism that she and her peers receive from a lot of Iranians. It's religiously-accepted, it's legal, and it's consensual. What has been traditionally defined in the category of sigheh in Iran is the possibility which it provides religious families who restrict their children in their interaction with the opposite gender.

Also, it's healthy and hygienic and everything is clear before the encounter. This opportunity is mostly presented to young candidates of marriage as a means to enter a period of courtship prior to getting married.

For Iranians from Iran (Tehran), United Arab Emirates, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Austria, Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Australia, Germany, United Kingdom, United States and France.

Welcome to Chat Iran, the list of Chat Hour members in Iran.

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