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Like most teenagers growing up in the late 90s / early 00s, MSN Messenger made me realize that there was more to life than having to talk face to face.Maybe you didn't want to go to that party, for example, so you could just send your friend a message with some poor excuse about homework.“I didn’t see many Facebook bots that connect people together, and I wanted to fill that void.” More than than 1.1 million interactions have been clocked since the bot became available June 14.Chatible’s growth was accelerated shortly after launch by publicity from the website Product Hunt, where Chatible has been one of the most popular bots shared in recent weeks.And with chatting, the option for anonymity and fun screennames was key, moreso because every conversation kicked off with a query of “age/sex/location? So it’s no surprise that apps that let you talk with total strangers reignite the appeal of the early internet.Some of these apps let you chat with strangers based on interests, or indicate some cursory biographical points up front, but the majority, like Chatible, appear to prefer the stranger toss-up.

Using Chatible is as simple as messaging the bot, waiting for it to reply with a button that will match you with an anonymous chatter and facilitate the conversation.If you’re old enough to remember the internet in the late ’90s, you’ll also remember the glory days of chat rooms and instant messaging—not only with friends, but also strangers scattered across the globe.Now, a new Facebook Messenger bot attempts to recreate that stranger-induced high with Chatible, which facilitates a random conversation between anonymous parties.Microsoft announced on 29 August, that it will be switching off its Chinese MSN service, which brings an end to 15 years of an instant messaging platform that changed the way humans communicate across the globe.Most people will be aware that MSN was turned off for most users after Microsoft bought rival Skype in 2013, but you might not be aware that users in China continued to use it.

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