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Expat mothers, would you like to breastfeed your babies in public? The pressure eventually caused the museum to change their policies to be more breastfeeding friendly. However, I was quite surprised recently to receive a message from a reader which said that in The Hague a mother with a 3 month old baby was told she was not allowed to breastfeed at the cafe of the Mauritshuis museum.‘I’m proud of our breastfeeding journey and of my daughter. Nina Alexander presents her travel tips about health, romance, women’s rights and safety: Products for women are literally available anywhere in Bulgaria.Half of the 3,368 mothers in the study breastfed - full or part time - for less than three weeks.

When the Shallow Man first moved to the Netherlands, it wasn’t possible to visit a park, beach or any open space for that matter on a sunny day without being greeted by lots of Dutch ladies sunbathing topless.

In fact, this was so prevalent in Dutch society that the inburgering/civic exam for residency in the Netherlands even had a short film which featured the Dutch love of baring their boobies in the sun.

Sadly, nowadays topless sunbathing is less common, but the Shallow Man says thanks for the mammaries.

The data put the number of French kids ever breastfed at some 62 percent.

“France is not only the European country where the breastfeeding rate is one of the lowest but it's also one of the countries where mothers chose to breastfeed their child the least time possible,” the institute wrote in an article that appeared with the numbers.

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The most commonly bought brand is “Yasmine.” You can just walk into a pharmacy and get them – they cost around 8-10 euros.

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